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I live in west central Florida and climate factors into how I carry concealed. I have several different holsters in my shoebox holster assortment and was constantly choosing the "holster of the day". There are some very nice custom products available but I did not want to spend the money up front, wait several weeks or even months, only to find out they didn’t work for me.

The nylon/fabric/leather IWB’s retain sweat, dirt and oil. They collapse when I draw the pistol and re-holstering is a three hand effort. Most are not model specific and the pistol is loose and sinks in the holster. The fanny bag screams “GUN INSIDE”.  My pocket holster bulges, and then where do I carry my car keys, cell phone, etc? The leather, nylon and kydex OWB holsters work well except for the telltale bulge on my hip and the oversize shirt.

No one holster is perfect for every situation. Yet the ETW holster fills my need for daily concealed carry and is;

Make and Model Specific




Easy to Clean

Received within a Week to Ten days

I carry my Kahr PM9 in my ETW holster daily. During annual qualification using my holster, I encountered no issues drawing or re-holstering. The range staff was impressed with the simplicity, durability, ease of use, and promptly purchased their own ETW holsters.

I hope you will try it and find out for yourself. For more information on us, how we got our name, care of your ETW holster and more, click on the buttons on the bottom of the page. Please contact us if you have any questions, and thanks for taking the time to view our website.